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Our expert team at Sydney Foot Clinic will get you back on your feet. We’ll get your foot health back on track — eliminating pain and delivering the best care every step of the way.

Bulk Billing

We BULK BILL with NO GAP fee for all medicare EPC & DVA patients. 

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We are focused on treating every patient as an individual with unique needs.

We’ve got you covered

Our podiatrists treat all foot, ankle, and leg conditions.

Sydney Foot Clinic


Our clinic uses the latest modes of treatments for a variety of problems. You are our main concern, and we offer a full range of services to ensure you are completely cared for, including;

You don’t have to live with foot pain

Get back to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Your feet are in great hands. We’ll identify the right treatment for your condition or injury—plus, help you prevent future issues.

    Sydney Foot Clinic

    Why Choose Us?


    We provide expert service to people of all ages, treating  foot conditions or all kinds, seeing between 10 – 15 patients a day with painful conditions! You’re NOT alone!


    We keep up to date with the best and latest treatment options at Sydney Foot Clinic.


    We tailor our consultations to the needs of our patients.


    Client Reviews

    Anita Sowmi

    I highly recommend this Podiatry Clinic. Abdel is an amazing podiatrist who has made regular home visits to Both my elderly parents over the past 2 years. In that time he has always been extremely compassionate, attentive and professional. He was able to relieve their pain and provided them with management aides and exercises. We are extremely happy with Abdel’s service.

    Allison Campbell

    Well what can i say, i was introduced to Abdel by my Dr. at Eagle Vale medical Center 5 years ago! To know this young man is a pleasure. He certainly knows his craft & i could never complain about his professionalism. My feet always look & feel good after my visit. I would highly recommend Abdel (as i have to many people already) Alison Campbell.

    Peter King

    My experience with Sydney Foot Clinic, Moorebank is totally positive, the professional approach and the caring attitude of podiatrist Abdul are outstanding. My wife who is recovering from spinal cancer was treated with total respect and I was treated by this gentleman not as a condition or problem but with kindness and support. I would highly recommend this clinic and its staff.


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