Footwear assessments

Footwear assessmentsfootware1

Footwear plays an integral role in maintaining optimal foot health and reducing injury. The style of shoe you wear and its intended use are two of the most critical factors analysed during our footwear assessments. Wearing the correct footwear for your individual situation, whether it be work, sport or recreational use is important and at times confusing ensuring the best shoe is chosen for the respected task.

At Sydney Foot Clinic the podiatrists are qualified to advise you of your specific footwear needs. From arch support, extra cushioning and fitting orthotics into shoes, we are constantly keeping up to date with new shoes on the market from both small and large footwear brands.


Some examples of footwear assessments/recommendations include;footware2

  • diabetic patients who have circulatory problems, numbness or foot deformities require a shoe that is extra wide, extra deep or seamless
  • appropriate footwear for a particular sport
    • basketball – ankle support
    • football/soccer – cleats Vs studs ; hard surface Vs soft surface

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