Ingrown Nail Surgery

Ingrown Nail Surgerynailtherapy

Ingrown nail surgery is a common procedure performed at Sydney Foot Clinic to effectively treat an ingrown toenail – a nail that has pierced (or is pressing against) the adjacent skin of the toe causing pain and inflammation and sometimes infection.

Surgery may be required when an ingrown toenail repeatedly gets infected, is continually painful, the patient is unable to wear shoes or the condition inhibits work, sporting or other activities.


A ‘Partial Nail Avulsion’ (known as a PNA or nail root and matrix resection) is a minor nail procedure which aims to permanently treat ingrown toenails whereby a portion of the nail is removed and a chemical is used to prevent reoccurrence.nail2

As with any surgical procedure there is some risk of complication, however this procedure is known to be very safe and effective.

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