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Sydney Foot Clinic

What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth/Online Podiatry is a service available for those unable to attend the clinic due to extenuating circumstances, remote areas, overseas, travel restrictions or if you just hate traffic! The consultation will be performed no different to what we will do in the clinic.

How it works?

  • Simple and easy
  • The consultation will be performed via a video on your mobile phone or laptop
  • We will send you a link prior to your appointment which when clicked, will then take you to the appointment

What we can do?

  • We will run through your medical history
  • Listen to your description of your symptoms
  • Assess your movement, range of motion, look at your gait and ask you to perform special tests to help diagnosis your injury
  • We will make recommendations to manage your symptoms which will include;
    • Education on foot and nail care
    • Assess nails, skin conditions
    • Exercise and stretching programs
    • Target treatments for your pain
    • Footwear assessments
    • Orthotic review/discussion
    • Referrals for x rays and ultrasounds

How much does it cost?

Consultation Fee

  • $50 for a 20 minute appointment (reduction from our standard $75)
  • $30 for a 15 minute appointment


Is it bulk billed and can I use my private health for my appointment?

  • At Sydney Foot Clinic we do bulk bill – so if you have a referral from your GP we will sort out the rest with no cost to you!
  • Unfortunately, currently private health insurance does not cover online/telehealth consultations


How do u pay?

  • Following your appointment payment can be over the phone or we will give you the details for a EFT and email you a receipt.

Get Started.

If you would like a online consultation send us an email and we will respond to arrange a time that suits you!

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