Part 2 Warts: Wart Curettage

What is a wart curettage procedure?

Sometimes the standard care for wart lesion/s is not successful and often they are ‘scooped out’ in the office.  

A wart curettage is a procedure that involves an incision into the upper layers of the skin surrounding the wart. The wart lesion/s is then removed with an instrument known as a curette (a sharp-edged handle scoop). The curette scoops the wart out by separating it from the surrounding skin adhesions and often the wart can be seen as one single encapsulated lesion. Following this, the surrounding skin is checked for any further wart-like tissue and an acid (Phenol) is then used to chemically cauterise any remaining wart cells.

Wart Curettage Sydney

How is the procedure performed?

We try to ensure that we make the procedure and the whole experience as comfortable as possible. A wart curettage procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic which is performed in the consulting office rooms. The location/number of the local anaesthetic injections can depend on the location, size and number wart/s (see photographs below)

We will check the area to make sure it is numb before proceeding at all. The whole appointment will take approximately 1 hour (injection, procedure, dressings) and the area will generally remain numb for 1-2 hours afterwards. The toe/foot will be dressed in a multilayer compression dressing to help protect the area and you may be given a special sandal to wear if the wart lesion is large and walking is difficult.
This procedure is not recommended for everyone and an assessment with you podiatrist prior is needed to discuss all options.

The photographs show the steps of how the curettage is performed

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