What are orthoses/orthotics?

Foot orthoses primarily provide support under the feet by supporting the arch but also are an aid to correct any gait anomalies. The foot orthotic helps to stabilise the foot, support ate arch and align the foot posture assisting in flat feet, foot pain, ankle injuries and lower limb complaints.

A true custom orthotic is a customised innersole designed to specifically treat a problem or complaint for an individual.

Orthotic process:

Assessment by a podiatrist à Plaster cast of your feet à hand made manufacturing of your orthotic at the orthotic lab à  custom orthotic is fitting into the appropriate shoe for your foot

Who might benefit from foot orthotics?

There is plenty of research for orthotics providing relief for foot, knee, hip and lower back pain. Orthotics may benefit you if:

  • You have flat feet (over pronate) and are getting associated pain
  • Heel pain, ankle pain, shin pain, knee pain
  • Weak ankles – frequently sprain your ankles
  • Painful corns or callous on your feet
  • One side of your shoe wears out faster than the other side of the shoe

Some orthotics may not be custom – simple prefabricated orthotics can provide mild support and cushioning for your feet and can be trialled before custom orthotics. Additional treatment modalities are often utilised with orthotics such as exercise programs, shockwave therapy, injection therapy and footwear education.

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