What is a podiatrist who is endorsed for scheduled medicine?

What is a podiatrist who is endorsed for scheduled medicine?

Did you know Sydney Foot Clinics’ own Abdel Kak is a podiatrist endorsed for schedule medicines.

Podiatrist with an endorsement of scheduled medicines identifies practitioners with additional qualifications and specific expertise.

The endorsement for schedules medicines as a podiatrist means you are qualified to administer, obtain, possess, prescribe, sell, supply or use Schedule 2, 3, 4 or 8 medicines for the treatment of podiatric conditions.

Prior to becoming an endorsed podiatrist, Abdel was required to complete further training in pharmacology studies. He had to perform more than 50 case studies with a supervising general practitioner regarding the prescribing of medications related to foot and ankle pathology.

How is this relevant in podiatry?

Being endorsed for schedules medicines allows for an additional tool to help manage patients we see on a day to day basis. Some examples of when it is used in the podiatry setting include;

  • a sports or musculoskeletal injury requiring a corticosteroid ‘cortisone’ injection or oral anti-inflammatories
  • an ingrown toe nail which requires Antibiotic therapy
  • post surgery pain management which requires a stronger pain analgesic
  • Patient that may be very nervous prior to surgery and requires a relaxant to calm them down

All patients are individually assessed for their injury, medical history and ultimately safe/best practice is always performed for all patients.

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